As you may have heard from our PMs latest announcement, we are to re-open manufacturing on 18th may 2020.

There are certain criteria that we need to strictly adhere to for both our customers and our staff safety.

  • Although our office is open, you will be allowed in one customer in, one out.
  • In the case of retail customers, all members of the same household allowed in.
  • In the case of trade customers, ONLY the trader requiring the price/order allowed in. All labourers etc. must stay in your van.
  • We will be accepting bank or card payments. If, in the rare case of cash payments, the cash must be counted in front of ourselves and placed in an envelope provided by us and sealed ready to be deposited at the bank.
  • Whilst there is a customer in our office, the door will be locked to prevent anyone else coming in.

All these points will be clearly posted on our outer door so you know we’re open.

Pleas help us and work with us on this so that we can remain open and serve you safely.

Your safety and the safety of our hard working team is far more important than selling windows.


Windoworld Ltd
Home of all things window

We really are a company like no other! The differences start the minute you call us right through to the delivery and installation of your finished product.

We don't do BOGOF or over quote and then give you a "discount". We quote fair, accurate prices and do what we say we do - first time, every time.

Everything is manufactured at our factory in the heart of the UK allowing us to cover the whole country and deliver quality and value.



Very few homes are making use of the latest available technologies in window fabrication and installation with many clients not being aware of the huge potential savings they can make by replacing the frames, the sealed units, or both.


Composite Doors

The use of high quality uPVC profile ensures that our doors will last for many years and our huge choice of styles and colours allow our team to create the perfect entrance to your home whilst increasing your security.



Once considered a luxury, conservatories are an excellent way of providing more living space. Conservatories add value to a property and, if you are unable to move house for whatever reason, are a very cost effective way of extending your home.


Bi-Fold Doors

Replacing traditional french or patio doors with a bi-folding door allows for the creation of an opening up to 90% of the available width against the more modest 40% of their more traditional counterparts.


Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns are a great addition to any property where more light is needed in a room but where you may not want to put a conservatory or a fully glazed roof.



We offer a huge range of choice. Your choice of glass type, double or triple glazed, and profile colour can all be accommodated to ensure that your new Windoworld products match your lifestyle, your home, and your style.


Environmentally Friendly

We are proud that all of our lighting is low energy L.E.D and we had new wiring installed when we opened our factory to ensure that our machinery is as energy efficient as possible. We recycle 90% of all our waste products such as profile, cardboard, wood, glass and polythene.

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Windoworld Ltd - the home of all things window

No compromise on price or quality. Ever.

Our Own Fleet

We operate our own delivery fleet to ensure quality from our home to yours.

We Aim To Amaze

Our goal with every manufacturer and installation is to amaze our customers.

Award Winning

We use award winning profile and glass to manufacture your products.


We offer comprehensive warranties on everything we manufacture.

Fair To Our People

We believe in treating our people well and paying the living wage.

Environmentally Aware

We are proud that we recycle over 90% of our waste.

About Us

Windoworld Ltd was formed in 2014 backed by Directors with over 20 years experience in the retail, commercial, and trade sectors. With a wide experience of the building and glazing trades, our company has been built to serve residential, commercial, and trade customers with high quality uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories.

We manufacture a wide range of products at our factory in Mansfield including:

  • Folding Slide Doors
  • Patio Sliding doors
  • Windows (residential & commercial)
  • Doors Residential light duty
  • Low rise commercial curtain wall & store front
  • Conservatory kits & bespoke designs

We supply a wide range of market sectors including:

  • Home Owners
  • Landlords, Housing Associations, and Councils
  • Trade supply to Upvc domestic fabricators
  • Trade supply small builders
  • Internet trade supply
  • Architect private designs
  • Trade supply commercial builders & house builders

We choose our system and extrusions supplier very carefully and choose quality:

  • Selecta
  • Aztec Roofing Systems
  • Pilkington Glass

We offer a wide range of services from our in-house manufacturing factory in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire:

  • In house manufacturing facility
  • Bespoke design service residential, commercial, trade projects
  • Delivery service available
  • Supply Only service available
  • Full fitting and free quotations

Need a quotation? Please contact us.

By choosing quality systems and extrustion suppliers and maintaining strict quality control at our fabrication facility we can confidently offer outstanding warranties on the products we supply:

  • 25 year product guarantee for our manufactured products
  • 5 year double gazed unit guarantee if we supply the units
  • 1 year guarantee on door & window hardware