About Windoworld Ltd

Windoworld Ltd was established in 2014 by Directors with many years experience in the industry who have as their mission quality, value, and service for consumers, trade professionals, and local authorities. They decided to sell only the highest quality products with no compromise on the standard of fabrication or fitting and opened their own fabrication facility in Mansfield. All work is carried out by direct employees of the Company in order to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

We offer reliable and high quality fabrication to other trade professionals as well, allowing them to improve the quality of the systems they supply and fit for their customers and we are happy to work with local authorities, landlords, and housing associations on all aspects of door and window replacement.

The Directors made the decision from day one that they will quote honestly, avoid dubious marketing schemes such as “Buy One Get One Free” and other common industry practises such as overquoting and then coming back a few days later with a “mistake was made” or “there’s a special offer available for three days”; at Windoworld we quote accurately and honestly and all of our transactions are based on openess and transparancy. Our office joke is that if it’s possible to put a window in it we will do it and we have carried out some interesting projects such as caravan window replacements and even windows on boats!

We also made a decision that our business would have the lowest possible environmental impact from the outset. We are proud that all of our office lighting is low energy L.E.D and we are working towards doing the same in our factory facility. We had new wiring installed when we opened the unit to ensure that our machinery is as energy efficient as possible and we recycle 90% of all our waste produts such as profile, cardboard, wood, glass and polythene.

At Windoworld we have exciting plans that will see us becoming a major participant in the replacement uPVC market over the next five years and our strategic partnerships with our profile and accessories supplier enable us to provide excellent warranties for the long term peach of mind of our customers.


Our Team

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